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Titanic Struggle Shirt

I think you are too obsessed with getting rid of Chinese influence that you dont appreciate what your ancestor did in the Titanic Struggle Shirt and you only think that it is a reflection of Chinese culture. Our ancient culture has similarities but also a lot of differences with Chinese culture. Knowing about the both the similarities and the differences will make you more aware of who you are and make you independent from them and their culture. And not knowing well about the them will only make you dependent on China. So just take an example of making history movie, because people dont know anything about the past, they just assume that it is similar to China and so just copy from Chinese movie. So someone watching them will think oh so VNese culture is just Chinese culture then? And that is how you become dependent on them just because you dont know anything about your ancestor, you neglect it, you dont make any effort to know about it. If you know what the traditions were like, you could have prevented that.

Titanic Struggle Shirt(Titanic Struggle Shirt)

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