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Patccccc radkidz shirt

Another reason that is really worth noting as to why women are barred from looking at the Oro, can be traced to what threatening event has happened most that makes the Patccccc radkidz shirt call on Oro to cast away the threat; in ancient times, the idea of casting out threats are done mostly on witches, witches are the main villains of the Yoruba Mythology and even in the real world, the even had trade offs with the gods, a practice that still makes us very uncomfortable with clandestine looking women who lives in huts. Most of the times the Oro has been called upon to pursue a threat has been the case of a witch killing everyone and disturbing the town, and of course refuse to leave in peace; and the withces are so powerful they could posses other women to disturb the sacrifice, apart from possessions; who knows if the woman doing the sacrifice would be an ally of the witch, and that isnt good for the town I guess. Although this last reason is seldom the reason why the Oro is done in the urbanized part of the south west like Lagos, Ogun , Oyo e.t.c.

Patccccc radkidz shirt(Patccccc radkidz shirt)

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Patccccc radkidz shirt – Limotees

Patccccc radkidz shirt – Limotees

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