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We are cashless shirt

As for the bench, it’s not as ‘mediocre’ as casual fans are saying. They’ve got a title mix of youth and veteran experience. They’ve done a good, albeit not great, job of building a supporting cast by bringing in guys like Danny Green and Quinn Cook. Both those guys have playoff and finals experience and came from legitimate, no nonsense franchises. So IF all the cards land their way, the Lakers would have: Lebron healthy playing 72+ games; Davis healthy (at least for the playoffs); Kuzma’s breakout year; Boogie close to his former self; a good supporting cast with a mix of veterans and young guns. Overall, if everything (or even most everything) goes their way, then this Lakers squad is stacked and will contend for the top spot in the West now that the league is more broadly tilted towards parity. Plus, Frank Vogel is a coaching upgrade compared to Walton, but there’s a lot of potential for drama there given Lebron/Boogie/Rondo’s history with coaches.

We are cashless shirt(We are cashless shirt)

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