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Tickling master shirt

We were very competitive but it is disheartening to admit that I never found such a Tickling master shirt dynamic in any other relationship, even with other INFPs (well there was a great dynamic with other INFPs too but a very different one and not as compelling as with INTPs). I also appreciated greatly that one time when one of you guys quit his silence to help me to quick butts -ironically in a more diplomatic way than my stressed Te- while we had to make a collective assignment and other classmates were lacking of motivation for graduation. I was also utterly proud that day another of you guys was running out of points to convice that stubborn big guy and I droped that complete emotional analysis of his argument to prove he was wrong and that it was the only thing I needed to make INTP come back into the argument so we could both try to convice him that he was taking the bad decision.

Tickling master shirt(Tickling master shirt)

Buy it now:Tickling master shirt – Limotees

Tickling master shirt – Limotees

Tickling master shirt – Limotees

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