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Taurus bday T Shirt

As far back as I could remember the women in my life have shaped my personality in the most indirect ways. My great grandmother always walked barefooted. She believed you could receive the earth’s energy from having the Taurus bday T Shirt touch your skin. My maternal grandmother owned a small bakery where she baked everything herself, raised 10 kids and found the time to sew and cook her kids’ and grandkids’ favorites. My mother gave up her dream of being an architect for her father’s bias towards becoming a teacher. When I was born she gave her life to my sister and I, cooking lunches everyday at 4am, driving to and back to high school school for 10 years and learning when being a friend was useful and when being a mom was necessary. Their way of life always inspired dreams of becoming a wild spirit, resilient to reality and above all, invincible to defeat. This is what it means to be a woman.

Taurus bday T Shirt(Taurus bday T Shirt)

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Jeff Dunham Birmingham, AL (2022) T Shirt – Teeclover

Jeff Dunham Birmingham, AL (2022) T Shirt – Teeclover


Jeff Dunham Birmingham, AL (2022) T Shirt – Teeclover

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