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Skyrosa a Bakkpark Tradition Shirt

They both will use magic to defeat a threat, but that’s about it. I would be very amused to see them meet, as they would probably find each other insufferable. The wild card is we don’t exactly know how well cinemas are going to do once it’s safe for us to go back to theaters in droves the Skyrosa a Bakkpark Tradition Shirt we did pre-COVID. Hopefully we do, and if there is one franchise that can get people in the doors, it’s the MCU. Films in the MCU generally earn money at a 40/60 split domestic/international. There are outliers; Infinity War and Endgame were closer to 25/75 because they were literal events. Black Panther was closer to 50/50 because it massively overachieved domestically. But generally, it’s 40/60. So, if Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness were to earn $400M domestically, there’s a reasonable chance it would earn $600M internationally, and there’s your billion dollar film.

Skyrosa a Bakkpark Tradition Shirt(Skyrosa a Bakkpark Tradition Shirt)

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