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Koi Dad Shirt

If your wife is the girl’s mother I would talk to my daughter to find out why she isn’t interested. She may not know what a girl’s night is. Has your wife talked with her about what she has in mind for the Koi Dad Shirt or has she asked your daughter for input? Is your wife just hoping for a fun and bonding night out that will be fun for your daughter or does she have some other goals in mind, such as showing your daughter how much fun being more girly can be? That can have a big impact on the success of the evening and on your daughter’s desire to go. Maybe she just likes to stay home and play video games, be online, read – indoor, at home things and your wife is hoping to encourage her to have more that cyber and internal activities. Maybe your wife feels your daughter is pulling away from her because she is starting to show lots of signs of independence and developing her own personality and your wife is trying to find a way to stay close. There are so many positive reasons your wife may want to do this – have you asked her why? I’d start there.

Koi Dad Shirt(Koi Dad Shirt)

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