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Hindi Ako Puppet shirt

Denying the right of nations going out of Hindi Ako Puppet shirt (politically, or at least economically) to achieve their national construction is a nonsense. When it comes from the USA, France, the UK and Germany, who all have the blood of millions of people on their hand, may it be outside their borders like the UK & France, may it be both outside and within like the USA & Germany, the nonsense becomes a sad farce. A good joke must remain a short one, and no one is laughing anymore about the Western leaders delusions of grandeur. And a moralizing block must be exemplary first and constructive then, and NATO ain’t any of those. The term of “lethal aid package” from the USA to Ukraine comes and goes in the media, but it’s actually something shocking. Imagine Russia and China giving “lethal aid packages” to countries with whom or within whom NATO powers are at war, and we’d scream all day long about the murderous thugs arming our enemies so they can kill our own. But doing that in the opposite direction is fine for the NATO Powers. No wonder Russia grows more & more angry.

Hindi Ako Puppet shirt(Hindi Ako Puppet shirt)

Buy it now:Hindi Ako Puppet shirt – Limotees

Hindi Ako Puppet shirt – Limotees

Hindi Ako Puppet shirt – Limotees

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