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Desmond Ridder Remember the Name Shirt

You guys do know fictional outcomes ars determined by the Desmond Ridder Remember the Name Shirt writing the story? Let’s all agree that Magic and Mutants are deliberately set up win in advance. Captain Marvel can literally walk in the sun, but she’ll just overrun by Dr. Strange or Wanda Maxiimoff. If that Sun dying, Captain Marvel can reignite that sun. How powerful is that? Who cares a man waving his hands can overpower someone who strength is in class two hundred ton rage. She one of most powerful Cosmic characters in the Marvel character Universe, yet we have five versions of Thor, roughly ten versions of the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer has god like cosmic powers now. What about Captain Marve? Captain Marvel survived the Tesseract.

Desmond Ridder Remember the Name Shirt(Desmond Ridder Remember the Name Shirt)

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